Air Plants are Back…Why are they so special and unique you ask?

What is an Air Plant?

Well, an Air Plant is a type of Tillandsia in the Bromeliad family.

That really doesn’t mean much to most people, but essentially it is native to the forests,mountains and deserts of Central and South America, the southern United States and the West Indies. The unique thing about these plants is they need No Soil to live. All the nutrients and water needed for them to survive is absorbed by their leaves. The beauty of this fact make them extremely flexible to grow. You really can grow them anywhere and in anything.

You can hang them, glue them, stick them anywhere your imagination lets you. They are great, and I think everyone should try an airplant at home.

Well since there is no soil, does it need to be watered?

Yes, as a matter of fact you do need to water them, but not like a normal house plant.  The easiest way we have found to water these little guys is to soak them in a cup of water. Just pour water in a cup or glass (or anything that holds water), and drop them in. Let them sit in the water 20-30 mins and you should be good to go. If you do this once a week you should have great success. Some places will say spray them once a week, but we have found that really isn’t enough. That’s why we soak them.

But what else can you possibly do with these plants?

Well I’m glad you asked. Again, they can be just about anywhere. We’ve placed them in shells, they are great in terrariums, even on necklaces; yes necklaces. One of our favorite ways is on magnets. Place them on your fridge, desk, or anything metal and you have a real unique house plant that everyone will ask about.

Stop by you “Air Plant” headquarters, The Greenwood Lake Garden Center.

We can set you up with a special, unique plant you are sure to love. And unlike big box stores, we will send you with the knowledge to not only keep it alive, but to watch it thrive. Can’t wait to see you 🙂

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