The Newest Addition…Truffles by Birnn Chocolates of Vermont

We are excited to welcome

Truffles by Birnn Chocolates of Vermont.

How we found Birnn Chocolates

Several times per year we travel to trade shows so we can bring you the most unique, the best quality, and special products we can get our hands on.

Recently we were lucky to attend a Chocolate and Candy show.  There were dozens of chocolate and candy vendors. As responsible and caring business owners, we had to taste and sample all of these vendors. That is the sacrifice we are willing to go through for our valued customers. And we kept coming back to Birnn; 3rd Generation confectioners from Vermont. Not only the taste, but the beauty of these truffles really stood out among all the other chocolate companies we found.

The Story Behind Truffles

Many people are aware of an edible subterranean fungus called a truffle that was harvested with the help of pigs. To the epicure, it is considered a delicacy. Tuber and Tuber Magnatum, the black truffle, is found in Pernigord, France. Truffles are round, about 1 to 2 inches in diameter, pungent, have a wrinkled surface and grow in symbiotic relationship with the roots of large trees in calcareous soil. They are harvested from the beginning of December to late January. Today, dogs are used to locate truffles because they are less likely to eat their find.

How do we get from fungus to chocolate?

A European confectioner mixed chocolate and heavy cream together to form ganache – a thick, creamy mass that was the center of a truffle. The ganache or center was then shaped into small spheres, dipped in chocolate and then rolled in cocoa powder or on a wire rack. These chocolates looked much like the fungus. Because of their similar appearance, rarity, and the status they share as delicacies, these confections became known as truffles.

Welcome to the family Birnn

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