What Our Customers Say

My name is Jessica P. and I live in Tuxedo. I first came in for plants for my porch last spring and I came back for more because the plants I bought from you were healthier than I’d found anywhere else. I’ve come in for produce as well.  I’m glad to know the option is there and it’s always in the back of my mind. I’ve also bought baked stuff once and it’s great to know you’re there for that sort of thing if I need to pick something up on the way to visit a friend.


My name is Kelly C. and I’m from Greenwood Lake, NY. I came into the store the first time, for the flowers, of course! what I found were unique gifts and garden items. I like these best along with the birdhouses and succulent arrangements.

There are smiles galore! and the most adorable little mascot, Issy! I also loved the free delivery several times. That was truly convenient and definitely a “going above and beyond customer service!”
I would absolutely recommend the store to my friends and acquaintances.

You and Warren have been very good at throwing in an item or two when I shop or going above and beyond by planting something in a planter or basket for me instead of my having to do it. All these nice touches is what has catapulted Greenwood Lake Garden Center to be customer oriented and a happy customer, is always a great thing!

My best wishes for your continued success and I look forward to buying some more beautiful plants, such as the big coreopsis Indian Summer, the succulents, the portuluca, and the tomato red coneflowers. I hope to see all my beautiful flowers bloom this year.

Also, getting in some Asiatic lillies too, maybe the spiral mosquito deterrents, more unique birdhouses, stepping stones.

Also, just want you to know that I appreciate the times you have donated to various causes within the village, especially the GWL reunion.

My name is Nina S. and I love the beautiful outdoor display and curiosity at the new location.
I’m glad to find natural honey and nice plants.

I liked the honey, the plants, the nice smell inside the store, and being able to find gifts for people without leaving town.

My name is Nancy T. and I’m from Greenwood Lake, NY. It looked adorable and inviting and I love garden stores.

I was tired of never getting a smile at the store I had been going to for years. When I came here, I found pleasant people and a great variety of plants – especially the perennials!

You guys are awesome! Loved the addition of the toys! Nice selection of gift items! I would absolutely recommend your place to my friends and acquaintances. I love all your GL Garden Center FB posts! Very thoughtful and helpful.